About us

Hansa Loadtest Baltic, the originators of the water bag, provide specialist proof load testing solutions for lifting equipment and structures. Our core commitment is to provide load testing products and services to the highest standards.

The use Hansa Loadtest for load testing cranes, davits, derricks, winches or any item of lifting equipment is recognised world wide as the most safe, efficient and cost effective system of load application. Hansa Loadtest Baltic water filled proof load bags weigh less than 2% of achievable load allowing for considerable savings in transport, storage and labour costs.

Contact details:
Hansa Loadtest Baltic sp. z o.o.

Al. Zwycięstwa 241/13

81-521 Gdynia Poland
tel. +48 600 901 839 – available 24h/7

tel. + 48 58 741 85 86

fax + 48 58 741 85 87

e-mail: info@hansa-loadtest.pl